follow that dog: off to Wales

Perusing the fine Jeff Shultz photos on, I came across pics of the Wales Kingikimiut Dancers and Singers.

Wales is their hometown, part of the Nome census area (apparently Wales, at pop 145) is a bit too small to count as its own thing.

It is, however, the Most Western Town in Continental north America.

So farthest west, not counting Hawaii…

Image result for moana

It’s much colder.

Most of the people are Inupiaq, and like certain islands, have fabulous singing and dancing traditions.

Song and dance is a history written in voice and movement, not in a book…

“There were songs that were used to be sung when married couples got married, when someone was successful at a hunt, or built a new boat, or a baby was born, or some significant aspect of life that happened that happened to a whole bunch of people that they wanted to keep in memory…

People are trying to say, ‘We are here. We’re still here. And it’s okay to be who we are,’ rather than what so many people have experienced in Alaska, which is ‘you’re not good enough as a Native person’…

(Photo by Joaqlin Estus, KNBA - Anchorage)



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