don’t buy Dory

Here’s why…

Answering a question about “what kind of fish is Dory?” I discovered that article/video.

It’s like those Dalmations that became popular when that film came out… or the clownfish, or the Jack Russells (Wishbone), or wild black horses (when I was a kid my thing was Fury), or huskies…

While it looks fabulous onscreen, it takes some knowledge to actually train a Jack Russell, keep a Dalmation, or a clownfish, or train a real wild black horse.

OK, I did the wild black horse and she turned out fine, but I was already a horseman with experience in training horses.

the wild black mare: Lor

I also had lots of support and training through 4-H and other experiences.

Huskies were something my friend talked everyone out of. When I ended up with one in my backyard, I already had learned a great deal from her and was prepared. I’m still learning.

This video makes a point that there are lots of fish that are easy to keep, clownfish are possible with the right tank and gear, and they breed in captivity.

Blue Tangs do not.

So maybe get your kid one of these…DSCN0957 web.jpg

the batteries are replaceable and she only swims when you bump the table or tap the pot…


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