run dogs run

One of the finer things about is the occasional Run Dogs Run video. So far there have been three, one at the start, one later and one recent as the teams make their way from the bumpy interior to the flatter coast at Unk.

Set to music that makes you want to pack your bags and head for the frozen north, we see teams trotting in energy saving unison, “it’s like a machine” one local musher told me once…16 dogs running effortlessly as their wolf ancestors did on a hunt.

Dee Dee Jonrowe’s pink team’s booties make a hot pink wiggly line on the cold white snow. An unknown musher’s headlight glow behind dogs curving up over a mogul, breaking like dolphins on a wave. Helicopter shots show the long thin fragile looking line of a team against the vastness of white punctuated by the dark fur of trees and the dark scrape of bare rock. Dogs pass the camera grinning “we’re running!!!!” We are doing what is natural for dogs.Long legs clad in booties and leggings, short Alaskan husky fur covered in weatherproof blankets they gallop and trot past, ears pricked, tips wibbly wobbling in rhythm. One musher, probably Dallas, ski-poles, helping his team. Some mushers sit at times, some pedal.

It is the Power of Dog that helped humans adapt to this harsh environment, to travel across it. To thrive in it.

The dogs bark joyfully at the chance to run, to travel, to smell new things…

…then dwindle into the white distance.


Featured image: Rev and Denali on a run on the Rail Trail. No Iditarod, just fun.


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