Everyone’s asleep, waiting for the siren to announce the next musher in off the Iditarod trail…

10:30am here in PA

Scott Smith and Melissa Stewart about 15 miles out from Nome now, with the back of the pack strewn out behind to Shaktoolik. Roger Lee is at mile 749, headed for Shaktoolik.

at this point the race is won by the speed racers….

and it becomes a Hero Journey for the rest, a test of preparation, of dog care, of dealing with what the wild winter of Alaska can throw at you.

Native peoples have dealt with this environment, and thrived in it, for millennia.

Europe’s descendants had a bit more of a test to adapt.

mar 15

On google earth, Shaktoolik to Nome is about 128 miles, as the bush plane flies.

Shak is mile 758, Nome is mile 979… you do the math.




(about 221 miles by dogsled)


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