follow that dog: almost there

The last eleven mushers are either nearing White Mountain or past it heading to Nome… Just 77 miles from WM to Nome.

Just finishing this epic journey is a feat of training and preparation, and athletic conditioning and careful care of dogs.

Misha Wiljes is from Prague, yeah, the one in the Czech Republic. Long way to come, and some years and adventures doing it… now she resides in Alaska.

She’s on the road to the burled arch right now…

Meanwhile, the Lady in Pink, DeeDee Jonrowe, a cancer survivor, 63 years old, and diminutive of stature has passed under the Burled Arch along with Gunnar Johnson.

Both have done this before, DeeDee came in 2nd in 1993 and 1998 behind Jeff King.

Gunnar last ran the Iditarod in 1991, this year, as an accidental musher, filling in for another musher with knee issues, he’s improved his time by 12 days!

More here:

More on the Lady in Pink here:

In 2003 she became any honorary chairperson for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, assisting the organization is its fundraising efforts as well. DeeDee’s humanitarian efforts have been well-documented, being given the YWCA’s “Alaska Woman of Achievement of Award”, the most inspirational musher award, and even as the spokesperson for the National Girl Scouts Council and Winter Special Olympics.

She lost her home in the Sockeye Wildfire in Willow Alaska; but saved nearly everything with a heartbeat (one retired leader and the housecat are still missing, the chickens survived).

She continues to carry on with awesome.


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