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Hokulea re-enters the Polynesian Triangle and encounters Pitcairn (you know, Mutiny on the Bounty…)

(HMS Bounty reproduction in Baltimore… the one from the movies, she has since sunk).

There is a pic of her under full sail on that wiki page

And where do you vacation when you already live on an idyllic island?

Charlene Warren telling us that once a year the entire population of Pitcairn goes to Oeno Island for a two-week vacation. They travel in two motorized lifeboats and spend their time fishing and living communally in a large tent.


Oeno Island or Holiday Island is a coral atoll in the South Pacific Ocean, part of the Pitcairn Islands overseas territory.

Image result for oeno island

Brenda Christian, 5th generation descendant of Fletcher, talking about the unique Pitcairn “language” – a heritage of the old style English spoken by the Bounty mutineers. Some examples:

“Bouyou gwen” / “Where are you going?”

“Fer yo nor lerna us yorly cumin des dey” / “Why didn’t you tell us you were coming today?”

“He yeckle ya es gudon” / “The food (victuals) here is good.”

This reminds me of Smith and Tangier Islands, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. They are also known for their unique dialect, an old style English used by the early colonists. With modern communications it is changing, but for four hundred years it more closely resembled Elizabethan English than other American English.

Tangier, Smith and Oeno have something else in common: Hokulea visited Tangier in the summer of 2016. Tangier and Smith are big sandbars with vegetation, the whole Bay region is sandy, shifting in wind and tide and weather. With rising sea levels due to climate change, they are vanishing under the sea.

Oeno and its relatives, as tiny atolls, have the same danger.





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