soon it’ll be a rig race…

The Iditarod is over, the Seaveys have nailed it again, and dozens of other mushers and teams have done the Last Great Hero Journey across Alaska’s frozen wilderness…

…but like in that Disney movie, it’s thawing…

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Soon they may be running the race like this…

Already the start has been moved from Willow to Fairbanks several times because there wasn’t enough snow on sections of the trail.

Now there was always the Burn… feel the burn… a burned out section on the west side of the mountains which was notorious for little snow. Fortunately, a big team of 16 dogs can pull a sled over dirt and grass tufts and logs… for awhile… as you replace your runners and potentially your entire sled…

But that was a minor obstacle.

This is longer and farther reaching.

Let me explain what this “sport” represents. Any sport is a story, a Hero Journey, a reflection of the larger issues of life. Iditarod is a time capsule of the skills, mindsets, understanding, needed to thrive in the boreal forest and the arctic. Without the superpowers of Dog, humans would not have existed in this tough environment. And there is a particular type of dog, with which I am very familiar, that belongs to this world.

Back in the 70s, as snowmachines and bush planes took over the means of transporting goods and people across the frozen north, the sled dog began to disappear.

Joe Redington Sr., his wife Vi, and Dorothy G. Page began the Iditarod as a way to keep mushing skills and the sled dog alive.

For anyone who still harbors the notion that dogs are being abused in any way by this, lemme ‘splain something: dogs… love… to….run (and your couch potato would benefit from some). Yes, dogs have died on the trail, (and mushers have got injured and ill) but more are dying in your backyard from actual abuse and neglect and stupid breeding. (neuter and spay, and adopt and educate). Iditarod dogs are given the best in food, care and vet attention throughout the race.

Back to the not so frozen north…

National Geographic had this to say…

Now I need to go smitedty smite some congressional morons…


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