Disney, LeFou, and why are you all afraid of the different?

My favorite Canadian blogger found some interesting stuff I feel the need to reblog…


I’m this…

Image result for rainbow bra images

…not gay but very supportive.

So when the wardrobe in Beauty and the Beast fends off villagers with torches and pitchforks (KILL THE BEAST!!!), and she spews out yards of fabric on the “bargain basement three musketeers” covering them in white wigged fluffernuttery, two run away screaming, one smiles and loves his new look. In the end ballroom scene, we see him dancing with …









And Cogsworth is Ian McKellen. The Awesome Sir Ian Murray McKellen, CH, CBE Recipient of Too Many Awards to List. Magneto, Gandalf, and Old Sherlock among others. He is also gay. We’re not sure about Cogsworth, but he did repulse the advances of an overly enthusiastic village woman of questionable morality.

Hah! Disney has finally caught up with the 21st century.

Or have they always been doing a bit of this? After all, there must have been some LGBT artists working for them all along.


And we haven’t even mentioned Wonder Woman or Power Rangers yet…

Power Rangers???

Oh just read the links.

And I don’t care what WW’s orientation is, she was the best part of the Awful Epic Darkness that was Bats vs Supes. Can’t wait for her movie.


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