follow that canoe

A young student talks about her school, her purpose, and how a 60′ boat connects us all…

I have been so moved by the way they celebrate indigenous cultural dignity and ensure their customs are passed on to future generations. This made my mom the most proud. She always talks about a genetic memory lost to those of us whom colonial history has affected, making us unable to pass down our language, names, customs and traditions.

Also, here’s a prblem; while the Powers That Be spout the “need” to beef up what is already the world’s best military, we hear about cuts to healthcare and to fabulous schools like this one…

I’m taking the time now, because I had to send some sad news to my Hōkūleʻa ʻohana yesterday – our school just lost a large chunk of government funding that we really needed in order to keep our school living and breathing. Auntie Miki replied that of course they could help spread the word about the 5K Race we are planning on Governors Island as a fundraiser to help the school, but she said “Wouldn’t it be better if people heard what was in your heart? Why don’t you write something about what inspires you about the school.”


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