be the faerie godmother

Once Upon A Time…

this lovely young lady…

…stood up for the rights of marginalized people in York County PA.

She called out a school board member at several school board meetings for things he’d tweeted that were, well…

Image result for thor

deserving of some smiting.

And she did it again.

And again.

And got her own hate mail.

And still stood up for Truth Justice and All That…

Image result for captain america

she is…

Image result for wonder woman


She is also trying to find a gown for the ball so the prince can show up with a missing glass shoe and…

Find a gown for prom, you know, that odd high school Rite of Passage where Beauty dances with the Beast and maybe finds out there’s a Prince hidden underneath…

Image result for beauty and the beast

or princess or whatever…

She needs a dress.

She needs a faerie godmother.

And, like most of us, SHE IS NOT A WIMPY SIZE TWO!

(sorry not sorry size twos)

I wish the suppliers of gowns for these things would get the picture…

Meanwhile, check out her page and see what you can do.




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