follow that canoe: killerwhale clan

I chose “swordwhale” as a symbol for my writing and art long ago, based on one character in my stories, as well as my own love for the sea and for creatures in Clan Dolphin (both the bottlenosed dolphin I loved in Flipper as a kid, and the “swordwhale,” or orca, are oceanic dolphins)…

Swordwhale is what my German ancestors would have called them, if they’d got off their farms and onto the sea. No few of them probably are carrying Viking DNA though, and having done some Viking living history ( ) I appreciate the sea knowledge they had… nearly as awesome as the Polynesians, though the Vikings knew how to bend iron to their will, and the Polynesian explorers only had stone tools.

One of the crew on Hokule’a is killerwhale clan…

well now!

Here we see how his Native DNA and upbringing have led him to help his people…

Growing up on this difficult ocean, Byron Mallott learned early to be determined to reach his goals, either at sea or on land among his people. As a young man of only 34, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Sealaska Corporation, which manages a huge tract of land belonging to native Alaskans, and he used funds from this enterprise to help lift his people from poverty and depression. Joey Mallott lived with his grandmother as a boy, where he learned many of the same values that have motivated his father.

Sam Low, author of Hawaiki Rising, writes a great article on this motivated young hero.

Hit the link already…


Image result for odd squad miss o


(Miss O, Odd Squad, that’s her favorite one liner)

(there’s another great thing you should check out…)

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