and now a word from your Jedi…

Some things change your life.

The books my mom read to me, the ones we borrowed from the library with its mysterious fountain, the ones I try to write.

Lord of the Rings. D&D. Living history. 6 days on a Viking Longship.

3 days on a privateer.








And Star Wars.

Through it I discovered that I was not alone in the universe, not the only weird kid with her nose in a book wanting a bigger world than “this provincial life”.

I dabbled in being a Jedi, with martial arts and living history and bapping big guys upside the head with rattan swords.

I was not fabulous, but I learned stuff.

I had a beat up concrete colored 1962 Ford Falcon which I immediately renamed… with chrome stick on letters spelling out Millennium above the Falcon logo.

I still have the 12″ Han and Luke, the early “action figures” before we knew what action figures were (they were not very poseable).

And while I was not in the mood for the “everybody dies” apocalyptic vision of Rogue One, I can barely wait for this one…


sure sure, you’ve all seen this already, but here it is anyway.


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