the call of the Cat Square: Part the Second

So I tried it… the Cat Square. The thing Twitter is exploding with where you place a squareish shape on the floor with tape and your cat sits in it… because… I dunno…cats.

So here are Sindarin (blue) and Nightcrawler (black)…

First, I think outside the box and use a circle…


Sindarin eyes it with suspicion, even though he has sat upon it before…

Nightcrawler investigates…

Marks edge of sea cauldron…


I try a squareish thing… again, it is used by them on a chair…



I try the tape trick…

That’s a cheat, there’s a high value kitty treat in there.

Cat treats are a hit. The square? Meh.

Nightcrawler prefers the Frozen footstool.

Sindarin: hats.


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