the call of the Cat Square

I have not tried this (I glance dubiously at my two oldish cats, Nightcrawler and Sindarin… yes one is an X-Man and one is a refugee from Middle Earth).

They do like boxes…sometimes. Or hats. Or beds. Or ignore the cat beds for the human one. Or try to sit on your face. They puke on the floor. When offered fresh catnip, they ignore both that and the newly potted catnip to chew on the newly potted spiderplant. They ignore the cat scritcher thing to destroy the windowsill. One day the salmon flavored pill pocket is the Best Treat Ever, the next it is ignored and must be stuffed into a reluctant set of tiny jaws full of pointy teeth. They chirp at birds at five am, get the zooms at 6, and sleep at ten.

I am a Leo, cats are inexplicable.

Meanwhile, this:


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