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I read a bunch of the early X-Men Essentials.

I have a cat named Nightcrawler…

and my roomates, back in 1985, named the brown and yellow ferret I found at a yard sale Logan (both wolverines and ferrets are mustelidae). Logan weighed about as much as a can of tuna and at least once leaped on my 60 pound Golden Retriever cross with the idea of kicking his butt. He bit male friends, eyed horses (I could take that)(and it would fed me for a year), and was generally mustelid attitude on warp drive. The only thing he was afraid of was hawks.

The X-Man is one of comics’ most loved characters, a complex dark hero who many can relate to … he’s far from perfect, but he is heroic.

One of my favorite bloggers has this to say about the latest film, the last one in which we will see Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart as Logan and Professor X.

Review: Logan

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