found faerie…

Cruising through my local thrift store (Community Aid, Hanover PA, you rule!)…

I found this…

It appears to be a dancing Halflinger (could be a Belgian, or the ten dollar Shetland Pony I had years ago, but it looks more like a Halfie) with dragonflies and dragonfly wings.

When I kayak, I often am accompanied by dragons or damsels. I’ve seen them emerge from their underwater “bug mermaid” form, grow wings and fly off, I’ve found one enormous dragonfly sitting on a log in the middle of the river emerging, and found numerous exoskeletons left on the boat with live damsels hitching a ride (they’d just emerged, right on the boat).

Mom passed away April 4, and my aunt had this turquoise dress, the color of Moana’s ocean, in a bag of stuff being donated…

…it has dragonflies on it.

My cousins and I were the bug sisters that day: dragonfly dress, butterfly pin, and my entomologist cousin’s bee shoes.

Insects go through transformations. Butterflies have the classic four stage metamorphosis. Bees too: egg, larva, pupa, bug.

Danselflies and dragonflies begin as eggs, hatch into bug mermaids living underwater and hunting other macroinvertebrates, then emerge and transform, like the Little Mermaid in the original tale, into spirits of the air.

Dragons and damsels are significant images for me.

And oddly, I know some folks who have Halfies.



The dragonfly horse was in a clear sleeve with a foamcore backing (loose) a sticker that proclaimed “Toadstool Farm Art… Lishmar… by Jaqueline Collen-Tarrolly…”

the dotcom does not seem to exist

Jaqueline however…

also she had quite a modelling/acting career…

The interesting thing about her is her natural connection with nature and “faerie”…

…a connection that is stronger than the temporary fascination of the public with her physical beauty.

She was also the Awkward Kid.

Yeah, that. Awkward.

So, the rest of us Awkward Kids, Misfits etc should take heart.

We too can transform.



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