swordwhale’s culture moment: K-pop-gang-what?????

I admit to basically living in a cave when it comes to pop culture.

OK, I follow Disney and Pixar and Dreamworks and Marvel films.

I can’t wait for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II.

So there I am, half listening to NPR when someone references Gangnam Style.


Is that the weird thing with the bad equestrian skills?

I had to wiki it.

OK, it’s a spoof on a particular high falutin’ Korean subculture, sort of like Beverly Hills but with prettier people. And lots of dancing. It’s reasonably hilarious. It was kind of a hit back in the Dark Ages when I was living in a cave.

And then…


K-pop, it’s not a food item. Although it contains brightly colored food items… or people dressed like them.

It also contains ridiculously beautiful young people who look like they emerged from our local faerie festival, or Middle Earth.

Also they can dance.

And lots of flishy flashy stuff.

blingity bling bling bling

I’m going back to my cave now…


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