awesome mix volume 2

I’ll just admit right now that I’m a sci-fi/fantasy/comic geek but not much of a critic. I expect good storytelling but I generally don’t pick things apart to the level of most critics.

In other words…


Oh, Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 (well if you didn’t get the awesome mix reference, you’re not a Marvel film fan).

Meanwhile some fanboys had this to say…


This is a fun review, more like a conversation between two fans… (here’s an excerpt)


Kirk: Oh, nice. So we don’t have the same take! These things are less fun when everyone has the same take. So yeah, let’s talk about that crowded thing first.

I felt like… okay, basically, Guardians 2 felt to me like it’d feel if the Avengersmovies didn’t also have the supporting standalone series. Thor, Captain America, etc. If they had to do all the character development in the big ensemble movie, rather than in the single-hero movies. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but it’d definitely feel different. While I liked how Gunn developed each of the main characters, Rocket and Yondu in particular, I also wanted a little more time to allow everything to happen. I wished the better subplots had been given more room to breathe.

Fahey: Okay, when you put it that way I can certainly see your side of things. The story did play out pretty quickly for the amount of plotlines being created and resolved. But they were each handled so artfully and resolved so satisfactorily that I didn’t really mind the relatively short amount of time given each. I’d say we had what, five or six plots given at least a good 20 minutes each? Beats waiting for a two hour movie about Rocket getting in touch with his feelings of isolation and loneliness. Not that I wouldn’t line up for that. I’m just glad I don’t have to.

The character development thing:

In the Avengers movies, we have the standalone hero films: Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and eventually Black Panther and others. Because those heroes have standalone comics. They ARE individual superheroes who come together to fight bigger stuff as the Avengers.

In GotG, the heroes ARE the Guardians. They pretty much don’t have standalone stories. Also we have to tie this all together with the rest of the Marvel universe at some point. So, yeah, sadly no Rocket and Groot standalone story.

Go buy some action figures and do your own youtube adventure…

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