swordwhale’s strawberries

A trip to the nursery began with “I’ll just throw some random wildflower seeds into that inbetween yard and turn it into a meadow…”

…and ended with a pot of Virginia bluebells (native), Brown eyed Susans (native), some squash, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and strawberries.

Friends had already given me a strawberry pot which I stared at blankly for a year.

I basically threw potting soil in it, laid the strawberry plants in through the holes, threw in more soil, more plantz… and… I dunno, it sort of looks right…

…then I got some fox urine granules to scare away the rabbits… darn hawks need to work harder.

Here’s how you really do it…



waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too complicated, maybe…

instead of pvc pipe drain, just water the sides too

overwintering is easy, wheel the pot into the garage

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