pibbles and peeps

My cousin has, like several people I know, chickens.

Image result for hei hei

Most human cultures around the world seem to have had chickens; omnivores, easy to raise, transport… pretty feathers, nnice eggses, and tasty.

Also not as dumb as you think.

Also pretty much this…

Image result for deinonychus

That’s deinonychus… as they really were, with feathers.

Starlord led us to believe their relative looked like this…

Image result for chris pratt jurassic world

Um, nope, feathers.

Basically big chickens.

And chickens are no…well…chickens. They are tiny little dinosaurs with feathers.

When they are really tiny, they are insanely cute…

here, my cousin’s recently hatched coupla’ day old mutt chickens…

the naked neck chicken is a breed that was apparently bred minus some important feathers so you can pluck them easier. I think they’re just weird…

the others are insanely cute…

Finley is certain these were bred just as pibble snacks…

Nova is more interested in naps…

Finally Finley just gives up and finds his inner batcave…

These dogs, like my own huskies, are rescues.

Please adopt a pet, but research any breed you’re interested in. While pibbles and huskies are sweet fabulous bundles of joy, like many breeds, they have rules and quirks you need to work with.

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