Guardians of the Galaxy: character study

GotG, under the flashbangbling of fun sci-fi/superhero stuff, has characters with soul, relatable characters who are not perfect, who have wounds and troubled pasts, who bicker, fight and occasionally try to kill each other, yet still come together to, well, save the galaxy.

The actors themselves have interesting stories: here’s the woman behind Mantis…

Her fabulous look comes from French, Russian and Korean DNA. She saw many people in her family die too young, she almost became a lawyer, and her travels gave her a “gyspy soul”…

Her first leading role was in Loup (2009), a French film about a tribe of reindeer herders in the Siberian mountains. During filming, Klementieff stayed in a camp, hours from the nearest village, where temperatures dropped well below zero. During filming she befriended nomads who lived there, worked with real wolves, rode reindeer, and swam with a horse in a lake.

And she has boxing skills…and a purple belt in taekwando.

She is wonderful as Mantis.


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