what’s this thing in my puddle?????????

Clearly eggs. In long gooey strings.

The strings are a clue. Also the fact that I am nowhere near a body of water (rain puddles is all).

There’s no stream or pond with fish.


Frogs or toads?



Frogs lay eggs in masses, toads in strings. These are definitely strings. They appeared in a mudpuddle in the pasture. Vernal pools (temporary spring pools formed by rain) are favorite breeding grounds for amphibians because there are no fish to eat the eggs. Unfortunately, my “vernal pool” is very temporary.

The critters, along with their predecessors, got moved to a rubber horse tub (rubber isn’t toxic as some kiddie pools of plastic might be) with SAV (submerged aquatic vegetation or oxygenators), water hyacinth and arrowroot.  The other tub is a lotus pot and the tadpoles like to lay on the lotus leaves… it will also provide a place for them to haul out when they get legs. Saucers on the ground provide  water when they go toadly grownup. Mosquito dunks in the tubs keep out skeeter larvae and don’t seem to harm the amphibians.

When used properly, these products are safe to use around homes with children, pets, and wildlife. They can safely be used in fish ponds and horse troughs. They are even safe for other beneficial critters such as honey bees, dragonflies, and tadpoles. http://bugofff.com/do-mosquito-bits-and-dunks-work-are-they-safe-a-review/

Raise your own tadpoles with this info… http://whatdotadpoleseat.com/tadpole-food-types/


older tadpoles chill on lotus leaves
hiding among the lotus leaves
tadpoles hang out at the “beach”, the edge of the lotus pot
American Lotus leaves shed water, allowing it to bead into tiny worlds


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