swordwhale’s beachcombing: Cape May Dianomds

(pics here are from the web… you can find more by googling Cape May Diamonds)

I’ve been to Cape May, but never got a chance to comb the beaches for these famous bits of beauty washed down the Delaware River. A friend found one for me and it is quite lovely.

When you find them on the pebbly beach, they look like sea glass: frosted white, but clearish rather than a white rock.

Image result for Cape May Diamonds images

They are not actual diamond, rather they are another hard mineral: quartz. You can throw them in a rock tumbler and polish them, or perhaps take them to a local jeweler and have them polished or faceted, or simply buy them polished already.

Or better yet, wire wrap them as you would sea glass and use as jewelry, hangings and other beauties.

Image result for Cape May Diamonds images

Not only is it a nice memory of your trip, but it is a piece of geologic history: that piece of quartz tumbled down the Delaware, wound up on a bay beach, perhaps caught by the sunken concrete ship at Sunset Beach, tumbled in sand, sea, tide and wind… then spat up on the beach for you to find. It is a mini history of geology in action.

Image result for Cape May Diamonds images


Here’s a neat drone video of the concrete ship S.S. Atlantus which marks the place where you can find the diamonds.

To do your own beachcombing, have comfy shoes (pebbly beaches are hard to walk on barefoot), a backpack (even a small one), water, hat, sunscreen or surfer shirts, sieve, camera for the bits you can’t carry back.

Here’s me beachcombing on Elk Neck Beach MD…



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