the great horseshoe crab migration

About this time every year, horseshoe crabs come up out of the depths of the bays to lay their eggs at the highest tide mark (full moon helps). The biggest migration happens on the shores of the Delaware Bay, though you can see a few throughout the summer in the Chesapeake as well. DuPont Nature Center DE has great exhibits, is close to Slaughter Beach (where the natural phenomenon can be seen up close) and always has helpful naturalists as well as serious birders with giant NASA scope sized camera lenses to point out the shorebirds also on migration. Red Knots are coming from the tip of South America and stop in the Delaware Bay to refuel before leaving for their breeding grounds in the arctic. The timing of red knots and horseshoe crabs and the weather and climate that support this is critical.

My pics of earlier expeditions to see the crabs…


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