world environment day

…that’s what it is according to the google doodle.

Environment and caring for it isn’t just something outside over there.

We are part of it, all day, every day. What we do affects it, all other life, and our own future generations.

Pushing aside regulations meant to better the health of the whole environment, turning the clock back to the dark ages of digging up more fossil fuels, and letting corporate greed trump common sense and long term wisdom doesn’t just affect some random rare frog in South America, it affects us.



Do what you can (like stop throwing chemicals at your lawn, maybe plant more trees on it).

Bury your legislators in letters, calls, tweets.

Support a group that’s doing more. (research their track record).

And go outside and play.

This is a good book…

Image result

This is some of my stuff…


Chincoteague and Assateague

kayaking 101


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