great horseshoe crab expectations…

In May and June, an ancient monster rises from the sea…

the horseshoe crab is 450 million years old, it has blue blood (used in medicine), and has survived all five mass extinctions on the planet…

When they began laying their eggs at the edge of the high tide, there were only a few “bugs” scuttling around on land, so maybe, they were trying to avoid sea going predators?

Today, their mass egg laying coincides with the migration of birds (who, with the crab, survived the extinction of dinosaurs) travelling across the planet, stopping in the Delaware Bay to refuel on these rich packets of protein.

Last year we traveled to Slaughter Beach DE (no, I have no idea why they call it that, look it up),m while I was coming down with the most fantastic case of Crohn’s disease ever seen. i was living on Gatorade and Ensure, barely could walk, the day was rainy and cloudy and cold, and there were like three crabs, which we filmed endlessly.

This year it threatened rain, then it threw massive sun and heat at us, and I am coming off a ridiculous cold/pinkeye thing that’s been going on for a week.

I also have a mess of Canon film gear two different people named Joe have given me.

Friends drove, I slept in the truck.

We arrive…


(shots from earlier years)


Hey well Rocket and Baby Groot had a good time…

Water was chilly, but we went in anyway…

We did find a few crabs…



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