oh just STAND UP

Sometimes your videos don’t turn out as expected…


Before you troll me for hatin’ on SUPs (standup paddleboards) I will point out that standing on a log or raft and shoving it through the water with a pole or spear or paddle goes back to the dawn of human watercraft.

Standup Paddle boards are just the latest incarnation of this ancient craft. For some, they offer a bird’s eye view, a core workout, and some other stuff.

I am a traditional kayaker ( I also have a hate hate relationship with canoes). All of these watercraft are ancient designs, built for hunting, fishing, travelling or sneaking up on your enemies and doing them in.

I like the fact that I can SIT in a kayak, where I am low and more stable, that makes my camera less likely to take a dump, I have a paddle blade on both ends for a symmetrical stroke, I can load a day or two’s worth of gear in the kayak, I can paddle through various conditions of wind and current and tide, and I am low enough to not be a giant honkin sail. Or I can run out an umbrella and have a sail downwind.

I will also point out that I have rotten knees and a SUP would do them in.

So there. If you’s like to try any of these sports, see your local outfitter (they do rentals and demos) NOT A FRIGGIN CLUELESS BIG BOX STORE. Talk to people who actually paddle.

and check this out too…


Me, I’m stickin with the yak.


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