swordwhale’s health moment: IBDs, agony of de feet, (and knees) and exercise

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are fun…


Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) involves chronic inflammation of all or part of your digestive tract. IBD primarily includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Both usually involve severe diarrhea, pain, fatigue and weight loss. IBD can be debilitating and sometimes leads to life-threatening complications.


So, I have Crohn’s, had colitis in high school, and, while the disease is technically under control with azathioprine (Imuran) am experiencing exhaustion, joint pain (I also have arthritis) and other fun crap.

The Mayo Clinic also has this to say…

To fight fatigue, it’s also helpful to include physical activity in your daily routine, eat healthy foods and get adequate sleep.

Physical activity is not the four hour marathon in retail on concrete, though it might be better than sitting the entire time. Exercise is different from work.

At work they expect you to run that marathon.

On your own, you can sit when needed.

Kayaking involves sitting, so does riding horses. Mushing sled dogs on wheels can involve sitting if you’re using a bike, and if I’m standing on the rig, the dogs themselves need to stop every ten minutes or so.

I fervently do not do those five mile hikes anymore.

Swimming is another matter, it involves a world where gravity does not exist.

All the experts I hear recommend exercise and alternative therapies like art, music, aroma, reiki, acupuncture and others are gaining ground.

I have dabbled in yoga and tai chi, and they definitely help, though if you are dealing with specific health issues make sure your instructor understands this and can work safely with your issues.

Staying fit not only makes your oldish Dumblobiwandalf years more butt kicking, but you spend less time being one of those annoying grumpy people.

And you can help the next generation, whether kids or grandkids, by modelling healthy behavior.

And maybe kicking their butts at kayaking or something.

So here’s my official “coming out” as someone who is going back to the exercise rowing thing and the tai chi and the yoga and other stuff.

Feel free to ask me if I’m getting anywhere other than the couch.

Going to go take a nap now and then polish up the ‘yaks…



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