lotus land

One of my favorite places to kayak is the Sassafras River in MD.

In mid summer (mid July to mid August), American Lotus bloom in the backwaters. You can paddle through these fields of the continent’s largest native wildflower.



and this….

Those last three are lotus I grew from seeds. Sprout in a jar on the windowsill, then plant in a large pot, fertilize with pond plant fertilizer and lotus will give back beauty for years. I wheel the pot (mostly drained) in during winter. Right now, the pot also contains growing tadpoles and some SAV (submerged aquatic vegetation for oxygenation).

The saucers near both pools are for tiny frogs who have made it out of the pond.


And from the bigger toadpool…

The arrowroot, water hyacinth and SAV were purposeful. The duckweed was accidental. Also the snails and tiny bugs.


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