swordwhale cooks (we’re dooooomed)

But free food is free food.

I stopped in on a friend and she was ripping the hearts out of cherries, otherwise known as pitting them. They have these seed thingies in the middle, you now, unhandy to eat, nice to plant.

“Want some? Gotta use ’em before they go bad!”

Wanting some meant going out back to the dwarf sour cherry trees and picking cherries.

Yes, really cherry picking.

Not just a cliche.

Image result for cherries

They are abundant and bright red and practically fall off into the bucket. It’s kind of meditative, buried under branches full of mystery invertebrates (the tree is an entomology experiment waiting to happen)… a hat helps keep the buglings out of my hair.

I spend a few more meditative hours gutting them, ripping them open and flinging the pits into a dish to be planted. I occasionally find a withered cherry, a soggy one, or a random white invertebrate that makes me go EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! and hastily discard it.

I get enough to line three glass baking pans with cherries.

The rest goes like this…

  • grease your pan with any cooking oil
  • pour an inch or so of cherries on the bottom
  • mix 2 cups of Bisquick with
  • 2/3 cups milk
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 egg
  • bake at 400 F

I used soy…or was it almond… or something instead of cow milk.

The original recipe calls for adding sugar, what’s the point?

They claim it will bake in 15 minutes, they are very very wrong.

At 20 minutes I could insert a table knife and find unbaked batter goo in the middle of the cobbler or whatever it is.

At about half an hour it began to be finished.

The cherries cook down to a nice gooey bottom, tart and yummy.

If there were any invertebrates I missed, they are just added invisible protein.


In Chinese medicine, cherry is used to treat arthritis and other ills…

Another traditional Chinese medicine text, Zhen Nan Ben Cao, records that cherry can increase the original essence of the body (energy and qi). It is suitable to eat cherry following a long illness or after an operation, after labour, or if experiencing general weakness, shortness of breath, tiredness, cold hands, cold feet or aversion to cold. http://www.pingminghealth.com/article/761/cherry-and-arthritis/

Image result for rhubarb images


My aunt has a row of rhubarb. It shoots up in late spring, a foot or two of leafy green with reddish stems. It’s the stems you want. You break them off, break off the leaves and leave them on the ground in the garden to return to the soil. You cut up and wash the rhubarb, then cook it on the stovetop.

I have two little bitty pans.


I have rather larger crock pots, and yes you can rhubarb in crockpots.

Basically put it on low, throw in your rhubarb, some sugar (it helps break down the stems), and some water (not much).

In four or five hours you have wonderful smelling rhubarb sauce. Cool, eat, freeze the rest.

I like my rhubarb like my cherries, tart.

You can do other things with it, like add strawberries or make cobbler…




So what is rhubarb anyway?????????


Note that while the stem is fabulous, the leaves are actually poisonous!


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