toad in the road

Where I live, the nearest water, other than dog buckets, horse troughs, the lotus pot and the tub containing tadpoles, hyacinth, arrowroot and SAV, is a pond a quarter mile away.

We don’t have many frogs.

What we do have an abundance of is the American Toad, eastern variety.

They often appear in the kennel, and a kennel with Siberians in it is not a great place for a toad… or for dogs, toads can be toxic, depending on species. None of them are palatable.

Mostly though, the toads, and dogs, seem to avoid each other.

I removed this one, and he hopped back a few hours later…

He’s quite a handsome little critter, textures like rock and moss, eyes like hammered gold.

Toads are rounder, shorter of leg, and not webbed of foot like frogs. They have drier, rougher bumpier skin (frogs are moist) and tend to be more land oriented than frogs. They are both different families of the anura order. You can remember your taxonomy with this sort of thing…

Krabby Patties Cook On Fry Grills, Spongebob

(Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species)

Female American toads grow much larger than males, and if you find one that exceeds 3 1/2 inches in length, it is most likely female.

This may be a girl.

All amphibians have two kinds of glands in their skin: mucous glands and granular glands. The
mucous glands produce mucus that helps to keep the skin slippery and moist. The granular
glands, though, produce a variety of bad-tasting, poisonous and antibiotic compounds. A toad’s
warts are concentrations of these granular glands. They are the toad’s first line of defense
against predators and pathogens.


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