summmmmmmmmmmmmmerrrrrrrrrr! and solstices

Randomly clicking on random things gets you some weird data…

Like this…

OK, we all know how the solstice thing works. Earth got tilted because, I dunno, maybe some big random cosmic thing collided with it sometime in the past. So it goes around the sun leaning and creating seasons, and interesting invisible lines for mariners to cross, as well as making star charts in different parts of the world very oddly different.

So here we are, on the longest day of the year (whoot!).

Alaska is divided pretty evenly into 3 zones: lots of sun, more lots of sun, and sun 24/7. Except for that little string of islands at the bottom. No chance of running the Iditarod now, too sunny.

Poor Mexico, for all its tropical splendor, only gets a measly 14 hours. Bah. I think Alaska got that back in the Iditarod.

On the other hand, I live in PA. that’s in the bright green stripe, over on the east coast.

Note the oddity that the Mason Dixon line (our southern border with MD) is at the edge of the green stripe. You cross that line into Chesapeake Bay country (which I do fairly often), and you are in a whole nother sun zone; the one which, like part of TX, only gets up to 15 hours.

Nony nony foo foo we get more.

I’m still goin to the bay for kayaking tho…


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