bing bong and flutaphones

Image result for Bing Bong

No no, not this guy (though he was, perhaps, one of the greatest animated characters ever)…

the sounds you can create on today’s google doodle…

which perhaps lead back to Bing Bong…

he was Riley’s childhood friend, a symbol of that part of all our lives…

and in childhood we’re supposed to be inspired to create the rest of our lives…

we learn, not just math and science and stuff, but how to throw colors at paper and make pictures, how to string sounds together to make music…

I was a bit music impaired….

I mean, we had this…

Image result for flutophone

Image result for flutophone

I mean: “all plastic, sanitary”…

Image result for rocket laughing

OK, they were kind of simple, I actually learned to make it make noise.

The Tonette is a small, end-blown flute made of plastic, which was once popular in American elementary music education. Though the Tonette has been superseded by the recorder in many areas, due to their price, durability and simplicity, plastic Tonettes are still in use in elementary schools around the nation.

But I do not remember music class as fun, and when Aunt Grace left her player piano on our porch (a closed sort of sunroom) for a few years, I dinged at it, ran the paper rolls through it, but screamed when music lessons were suggested.

Nope Train to Nopeville.

Curse you google doodle.

Click on it and wiggle your mouse and make some adjustments and…

did I just make music???????????

Of course it’s fairly visual too. I mean, I’m just doing a WeaveSilk kind of thing with the mouse and making interesting patterns and noise comes out. Whoot!

Of course, music and math and art are all patterns of various kinds of energy.

It’s just I understand the visual stuff better.

Now if they’d had this doodle thing when I was in school, I’d play more with music.

Well, I do own one of these…

Image result for didgeridoo

Image result for didgeridoo

Sometimes I can actually get it to make noise.



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