flying the Sassafras River

I paddle the Sass as often as I can, as well as visiting it in the winter, to hang out on the beach, photograph stuff, and search for sea glass. I put in at Turner’s Creek Park, in about the middle of this tidal freshwater river off the Chesapeake Bay. Or I go down to the end of the river at Betterton, an uncrowded beach even in the summer.

Here’s a neat video I found, done with ( presumably) a Go_pro attached to the helmet of a guy flying one of those fancy parachute thingies… aka paragliding.

Here’s the flight path of the adventurers as I figured it out from google earth…

Early in the flight they pass over the “crop circle labyrinth” at top right, wander down river and near the end of the video you can see Fredericktown/Georgetown, the marina and the route 213 bridge that I pass over all the time.

I paddle the bits of the river west of here (to the left on the map), so it’s fun to see the upper reaches.


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