your island break

When Disney was working on Moana, they put together a group of consultants on all things Polynesian so as not to repeat the cultural goofs they’d made in movies in the past.

Here’s a clip of a dance consultant and two dancers demonstrating some music and dance moves.

Watching this was a bit like the first time I went to see Disney’s Princess and the Frog…

in that hearing my name shouted from the silver screen… or the youtube one… is very odd. The artistic director for the dance company is named something that sounds like Tiana or Teanna or…


I was born in an age when everyone was named Deb or Barb or Sue.

My (extremely Pennsylvania German) parents, Ted and Anna, combined their names to make Teanna.

Welp, a tip of the kayak paddle to all the other Teannas out there!

They all seem to be doing awesome things…




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