planet ocean & Aquaman

OK, so DC finally gave us a good film with Wonder Woman.

A great film.


Now we wait, holding our breath, glub glub, for Aquaman.

Image result for jason momoa aquaman

You may remember Jason Momoa from Game o Thrones, where he was one of the usual characters that last five minutes before getting killed off. He was kind of memorable, even if, like  me, you have never seen one single episode of GOT, because Valdrogodragondude was married to the chick with the dragons and he was pretty cool looking.

Image result for game of thrones drogo

Lest you think Jason Momoa’s many expressions are basically scowling, glowering and grimming…

Image result for jason momoa

Image result for jason momoa

yeah, well…um…

Aquaman was sort of the DC joke for a long time…

Image result for early aquaman

too many waht????????????

Perhaps he needed that infusion of Polynesian DNA…

Image result for jason momoa

Now that looks like a superhero. Glad he’s on our side. He is, isn’t he? He does have an argument with Batman in the trailer…

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa‘s fabulous look comes from this fabulous DNA: His father is of Native Hawaiian descent, while his mother is of German, Irish, and Native American ancestry. That turned out well. Very…um…yeah… um… can’t wait for the movie.

Let me remind you what Moana taught us: Polynesians explored and settled half the planet, the difficult bits, full of water, with stone tools and sailing canoes. They pretty much are Aquaman.

And the excellent Temuera Morrison is apparently being cast as Aquaman’s human father… we are definitely playing in Planet Ocean. Morrison is from Middle Earth…eh… that island in the lower corner of the Polynesian Triangle (Hawaii is in one of the other corners along with Rapa Nui). He is of Māori, and some Scottish and Spanish and Irish, descent. That turned out extremely well. You may remember him from Star Wars: as Jango Fett.

Image result for Temuera Morrison

The Maoris are, like the Hawaiians, Samoans and other Polynesians, descended from voyagers who set out into the vast blue Pacific in double hulled sailing canoes made with stone tools… their compasses made of stars and sea swells and the flight of birds. Take a globe, (or google earth), turn the planet around until you’re looking at the side that is water with bits of land cowering on the horizon. That’s Planet Ocean, that’s the world these human explorers conquered.

Aquaman’s world.

It’s more than a little fitting that this slightly cheesy comic book character finally gets powerful and real… by being portrayed by descendants of the people who understood Planet Ocean.

I can’t wait to see it!



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