minimum wage: a brief rant

I did it right, went to school, got good grades, went to higher education (art school) stidied something that should make me a living (commercial art)…

…and ended up in a series of minimum wage jobs with no benefits.

No point in analyzing the past, you do the best you can with the tools you have.

In the old days, the poor were called “unfortunate”. They were not lazy or stupid, they were not blessed by Lady Fortune.

I know too many people who are working at minimum wage, working multiple jobs (I was too until fatigue and joint pain from Crohn’s and arthritis made me scale back), being managers and still having to get assistance from SNAP to LiHeap to Medicaid (sending Elven Ninjas to DC to duct tape everyone to hot air balloons full of monkeys…).

I also hear the Corporate Whine from generally intelligent people who believe the Corporate Crap that “if we do that the price of a gallon of milk will be ten dollars!!!”

A Brief History of Corporate Whining

Well here’s one look at the ramifications of minimum wage…

Oh, why was the 50s so, eh well at least prosperous  if not fabulous (there are lots of things I hate about the 50s and I was born there):

Was it really because we basically had the contract to rebuild Europe?

Or because leaders did things like Social Security, the New Deal, there were strong unions, real wages, a strong middle class with a voice that was heard and responded to.

It’s not the 50s. The world has changed. But we can create new ways to make a real living and support those who can’t.



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