swordwhale’s art: macroinvertebrates

New art done for a Lancaster County Park.

Stream ecology and critters.

Some of the critters required web research. Some I’ve seen and photographed myself.

These will be printed smaller for a brochure, and used on interpretive signs as well. Doing the art larger, then printing smaller, increases the detail and realism. Blowing things UP makes them look clunky and sloppy. These were drawn in pencil, then outlined in black Prismacolor pencil (the most ut color pencil ever!!!) then watercolored.

great blue heron

based on my photo of one from (probably) Lake Marburg…

blue gill (sunfish family)

Based on the fish caught (and released) by my cousin’s kid…

caddisfly larvae


dragonfly and darter

based on my photo…

dragonfly on the Sassafras River
creek food web: sun, trees/plants, falling leaves, detritus, algae, insects, fish, humans and other critters

from photo of cousin’s kid in his new kayak, fishing…

mayfly nymph

based on my photo from a nearby lake…

periphyton: freshwater organisms attached to or clinging to plants and other objects projecting above the bottom sediments.

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