swordwhale’s paint shop

So, you’ve got a random plastic thingie that’s ugly?

Hit it with some Rustoleum.

Just so you know, there’s other paints that work, I just happen to work at a place where I can get Rustoleum cheap and I’ve used it on every kind of surface in every kind of weather and it’s held up…

I did this on a van once:

  image painted rain barrel



  • sand lightly,
  • hose
  • paint with primer/paint in one
  • do layers, using a branch, in various colors
  • paint farther with acrylics if needed
  • top with sealer (Rustoleum makes many)


You can make sea horses…




This really ugly but useful kayaking PFD got a makeover in blues and orcas…

Rustoleum on various gnarly surfaces in sea colors…


Random wicker items…


enameled table that’s been rusting outside for years…

also you can paint those worn purple things with sea colors of Rustoleum and they’re fabulous…

works on the muck boots too…




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