mermaids among the lotus

Mermaids found among the lotus on the Sassafras River. 

The Sass flows into the Chesapeake Bay, which flows into the sea. While the Sass is tidal freshwater, I’m pretty sure these mermaids are anadromous… or catadromous… or amphidromous… or something…

kayaking in a freshly unfurling lotus leaf



The small knitted mermaids were made by Jeanette: who is fabulous and sadly doesn’t sell these.

The hula girl (an honorary mermaid)(trying to find her a tail) was found in a 99 cent toy bin at Community Aid.

The tiny blond mermaid was found in a hospital gift shop.

The dark haired mermaid was found inn the Baltimore Aquarium’s gift shop, and while she resembled Aurora mermaids, I have no idea, because I hate tags and cut hers off…

They have occasional adventures with sea horses…

Sea horses do not fit in kayaks, which is why the tidal creek photos happened without them.


Anadromous, Catadromous, Amphidromous, Oceanodromous, or Potamodromous


I did not plan the “kayaking” shot… I just propped that mermaid in there and…uh… wait…



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