tidal flats

paddle  walk this…

The Sassafras River runs west across the DelMarVa Peninsula into the Chesapeake Bay. It’s tidal freshwater, so no sea nettles in summer, nice sandy beaches, lots of wildlife, crabs, fish and other typical Chesapeake Bay goodies.

In mid summer, the American Lotus bloom in the shallows, and you can paddle through them. Just west from Turner’s Creek Park (where the dock is) is a tidal pond, full of lotus and pickerel weed and arrow arum. Drift in on the tide, splosh around in the shallows, sit in the sand. Kids love to “surf” the tidal currents on anything floaty. Be aware that parts can be deepish (for kids) at high tide, but the shore is sand bars and shallows pretty far out.

If you’re kayaking in, know the tide. If there’s wind, you may not be able to turn your boat to control it in the tight tidal wash. And there are stumps and strainers. You might want to put the boat on a leash and walk it.

Explore the mudflats for tracks: sea birds and ducks and geese, deer and dogs and the odd horse (no wild ones, just trail riders, but I have seen it).

Sit still and wait for tiny fish to come hide out on the “reef” you’ve just made. Walk among the lotus and take pics.

arrow arum

pickerel weed

Both arrow arum and pickerel weed are Chesapeake Bay natives.

tidal pond
tidal pond
sand flat
mud flat
drift wood on mud flat
bird tracks
deer tracks







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