life hacks: equine division

This mustang…

has a huge head. He strikes me as the original Spanish mustang type… maybe some draft blood in there too…

it’s summer, which means flies, so sometimes this is useful…

Although it doesn’t do much for their noses.

The big guy is quite old, the little one is quite hypothyroid. He needs grass, she does not (hay is fine).

To move horses a halter is useful.

This is the biggest one I have. It barely fits Goliath. Svaha, there, is looking peeved because she wants to be on grass too. Nope. nopity nope nope nope.

Sometimes the horse goddess grants you a boon, a treasure…

a dog collar in the correct shade of red…

Added to the left side of the chin piece (chew off the old bit first with a dull box cutter blade…), the collar makes the halter big enough to fit.

Also, I had this rope halter which has seen much better days, when it was actually a nice shade of green and not falling apart as the rope disintegrated…

Quick fix, cheap electrical tape.


Wait wait…

Duct tape is the Force that holds the universe together.

Especially if it is Frozen…


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