Cars Talk… (don’t drive like my brother…)

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I’m not into cars.

I learned to drive when I finally had to, around age 23.

I like to go places but despite the GPS, googling earth, writing down directions, having been there a gazillion times, having a bagful of maps, and stopping at various convenience stores going “?????”, I still get lost. I also struggle to stay awake (where’s the next Royal Farms and the gallon sized coffee refill????), converse like a mariner at every idiot on the road, and fall out of the van scrunched into an arthritic ball of agony.

I do not love cars.

I do however, name them… every single one. There was the 62 Ford Falcon that I stuck shiny fake chrome letters on above the Falcon logo to spell Millennium… there was Herbie the Love Bug… and the present Thorinduil, a mashup of Thor, Thorin and Thranduil. (if you don’t know who they are why are you even here????).

Cars are like land ships, they take us on the voyage, they develop character, dents, bruises and finally get donated to NPR.

Which brings me to the Car Guys. Car Talk is coming to an end, and I am sad. It was two brothers, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, taking calls with people’s car issues and offering advice.

Boring, right?

Not with these guys at the helm. They were hilarious. They were awesome storytellers. It did not matter whether I cared about learning anything about my own car problems… it was how they told those stories, how they laughed, how they turned the mundane into something awesome and hysterically funny.

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Tom is gone, died in 2014.

Ray carries on, but the show does not.

So, when, in the middle of Pixar’s Cars 3, two of the older, I mean, classic, dented and slightly rusty cars (Rusty and Dusty) began sounding verrrrrrrrrry familiar, I sat up in my comfy recliner seat and went Waht???” Then the two cars leave the scene with the famous lines “Don’t drive like my brother… don’t drive like my brother.”

I was in tears.

I mean, the car guys get to be cars in Cars.

Image result for cars rusty and dusty

wait wait, is that a Dodge?

Which leads me to Pixar and its car guys, the ones who made all three of these fabulous films. They did it because they love cars. That they can get me to love cars too is a measure of their storytelling ability.

  • the movies have great universal stories and wonderful relatable characters.
  • how the doo dah do you even do that? It’s one thing to anthropomorphize animals, like in Zootopia; you study the animals, use some of their natural characteristics, then add some human characteristics. But to do it with cars? To take something as familiar as various vehicles and not just have them talk but have them move in believable… but less carlike and more human… ways… that’s genius.
  • Cars is genius.

Rusty and his brother Dusty created a small empire out of their mother’s garage in Boston.

He is based on a 1963 Dodge Dart. Dusty is modeled as a 1965 Dodge A100 Van.

Um, Boston, “our fair city” is where Tom and Ray hail from.

Ray is Dusty.

Tom is Rusty.

They were in Cars and Cars 3.

Not sure how they did Rusty in Cars 3, maybe pulled his few lines from old episodes of Car Talk???

I have had both a Dodge Dart (or two) and a Dodge van, though mine is a 1999 Caravan. And none in that odd 60s green.

don’t drive like me either…

Oh look, I found Marvel Drive… Thor?





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