wait wait, let me get the spray paint…

I work in a place where people stare at the Rustoleum 2X (which will stick to anything) longingly…

I generally grab them and drag them kicking and screaming to the little bottles of water based, acrylic, non toxic, brush applied, craft paint.

“It’s so much easier,” I say, and you won’t die of lung cancer…”



…is an actual surfboard by my actual van. It is actually painted black (darn camera overexposed) with the aforementioned Rustoleum 2x.

I don’t actually surf. I do use the blue things on top of the van, it’s much easier.

My cousin gave me the surfboard years ago. I painted it black with cheapo Wally World paint and it became a prop in front of Touch Room Ocean at Nixon Park (for which I also did some other art, a bit more complicated than spraying black paint at a surfboard): http://www.swordwhale.com/more-touch-room-ocean.html

It is the same size and shape as the dorsal fin of an adult male orca…

If you were paying attention you would have noted that my online “spirit animal” is “swordwhale” another name for orca.

Because I sometimes write stories and this character showed up…




The idea for the orca shapeshifter originated with some short nods to northwest coast American Indian myths in books  about orcas… like the selkie legends, where the seal folk shed their skins to walk on land in human form, the whale folk shed their fins to walk on land… the fin becomes a boat. Or a canoe, or kayak or surfboard or…

Image result for polynesian sailing canoe

Pretty sure he spent some time in Polynesia…

I digress (but you can read my stories here: https://www.inkitt.com/stories/adventure/39005 )


The surfboard spent some time being an orca fin at the park, then returned to lurk in the basement. It was time to bring it out, sand it down, rehab the paint, and throw it into the water. Besides, I know some adventurous kids. Even if I don’t actually surf.


There was some paint left.

And I had these…

along with some other nifty vintage Johnny West horses…

(Flame with a 12″ Legolas action figure aboard).

Flame was a childhood toy, but the others were thrift shop and yard sale finds.

The two chestnut/sorrel Thunderbolt horses came with a wagon. They’re great models, as are all the Johnny West horses, kind of funky realistic (if not super pretty like most Breyers), and big enough to accommodate Barbies (except my stupid 60s Barbies did not articulate enough to ride).

They’re kind of a horrible color.

I don’t much like the color on real horses actually, but the paint job is worse. On a real flaxen chestnut (or sorrel, it’s the same thing), the pale bits fade, like airbursh, into the darker bits. JW’s primitive paint jobs worked on most of their models but not here.

Here’s a real horse…

Image result for horse images sorrel flaxen

Only the off hind leg has a white stocking, the rest are the blondish shading you get with flaxen sorrels. Sometimes the belly and underneathness is also paler, like a deer…

Related image

Related image

The Johnny West paint job was trying for that look but suffering epic fail.

The blazes should be white, but are the blond flaxen color along with the muzzle (should be faded into the darker color, as in airbrushed). The lower legs are the same flaxen color, but sharp edged like a white stocking.

So yeah, had some paint left.

I like black horses… (darn camera…erk)

They will get a few more details, like shiny eyes, and perhaps the coat will get a bit more shine as well.

Here are some great repaints of Johnny West horses:

Image result for johnny west horses

This artist in particular has done wonders with these awesome vintage models…



Hoping to use these in photoshoots…



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