gypsies and travellers

Tonight’s episode of Granchester (a BBC mystery on PBS) featured a community of gypsies, aka Romany.

In the UK there are two kinds of gypsies: Romany and Travellers.

There are two types of Gypsies – Roma Gypsies and Irish Travellers. Both have a nomadic lifestyle but are separate ethnic groups. 2. There is much debate about their history, however Romany Gypsies are said to have their roots in India and came to Europe in the 13th century, while Travellers are mainly of Irish origin

Irish Travellers used to be referred to as ‘tinkers.’ A tinker is a skillful person that mends pots, pans and plates of locals as they move from place to place. Travellers refer to non-travellers as “settled people”.

Many, but not all, Romanichals are noted for a fairer phenotype than that of other Romani groups in Europe. Lighter-skinned Romani are not uncommon,[12] and a light phenotype, including individuals with blond hair and blue eyes, can also be seen in established Eastern European Roma communities.

The Romani people have origins in India, specifically Rajasthan and began migrating westwards from the 11th century. The first groups of Romani people arrived in Great Britain by the end of the 15th century, escaping conflicts in Southeastern Europe (such as the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans).


Irish Travellers (Irishan lucht siúil) also called pavees or pejoratively referred to as tinkerspikeys, and gypsies, are a traditionally itinerant ethnic group who maintain a set of traditions.[2][3] Although predominantly English-speaking, some also use Shelta and other similar cants. They live mostly in Ireland as well as having large numbers in the United Kingdom and in the United States.[4] Their origin is disputed. Traveller rights groups have long pushed for ethnic status from the Irish government, finally succeeding in 2017.

In 2011 an analysis of DNA from 40 Travellers was undertaken at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin and the University of Edinburgh. The study provided evidence that Irish Travellers are a distinct Irish ethnic minority, who separated from the settled Irish community at least 1000 years ago; the claim was made that they are as distinct from the settled community as Icelanders are from Norwegians.

The Gypsy Vanner or Tinker horse descends from gypsy caravan horses…

Image result for gypsy vanner

Schleich did a few fair models of them…

Image result for schleich gypsy vanner or tinker horse

Image result for schleich gypsy vanner or tinker horse

Image result for schleich gypsy vanner or tinker horse

Image result for schleich gypsy vanner or tinker horse



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