Just under the teal flamingo, flaking its paint back to the pink it was when we found it on the beach at Elk Neck …


…a tiny “zipper spider” aka argiopes. (this is the underside)

Wiki sez: The genus Argiope includes rather large spiders that often have a strikingly coloured abdomen. These spiders are distributed throughout the world. Most countries in tropical or temperate climates host one or more species that are similar in appearance. The etymology of the name is from a Greek name meaning “silver-faced”.

These garden spiders are orb weavers, makers of fantastic webs that inspired legends like the Greek Arachne, who gave her name to spiders, arachnids.

Then there is Grandmother Spider, in a (Cherokee, I think) legend who weaves a bowl of her webbing so Vulture can carry the sun into the sky.

I always think of these big, fabulously painted garden weavers as Grandmother Spider. They are usually shades of gold and black, this is a small, young one, and appears to be more pinkish.

Not far from this one, was a teeny tiny one…


My Nikon Coolpix L100 has a closeup mode which tends to never focus on the closeup thing, so I use various cards, hands, maps and leaves to give the camera a larger surface to focus on. The spiders remained unperturbed.


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