sidetracked by squash…

I peered into the ginormous squashfest growing over the “ooops we couldn’t find where your septic tank really is” dent in the lawn, and this…

The mermaid statue too…


and the hyacinth swamp…


Unfortunately there is enough house and blue kiddie pool edge and other randomness to require Photoshop.

The rider is Helm’s Deep version of Legolas from Toy Biz, he’s quite nicely articulated, though I did have to slice part of the tunic skirt to allow him to ride.

The Breyers are Traditional scale (1:9) Smoky the Cowpony, and Indian Pony (bay blanket Appaloosa).

The Indian Pony was introduced in 1970, Smoky in 1981. Both of my colors are the first colors they appeared in (both models were released in many other colors later).


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