swordwhale’s bug of the day

Things under our feet rarely get our notice, kind of like that ginormous bug thingie in The Mist, the thing the size of New York wading through our ordinary world… in that scene in the film, you realize how insignificant we are to its world view.

I like to look down, to look for the wee smol hidden things.

Yesterday, a friend recognized a gorgeous argiopes spider weaving its zippered web in the garden by the door.

Today I looked for the spiders again and found the teeny one…



Actually just the beachcombed flamingo that I painted teal…

Just below the argiopes roost was this little treasure…


The shell of some sort of cicada (which locally we refer to as locusts, though that can also be a kind of grasshopper).

I photographed him/her on some leaves and the palawntir (gazing globes are forever paLAWNtirs in honor of Tolkien’s palantirs in Lord of the Rings).


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