paint a rain barrel (or something else)

Decorate a rain barrel (a large plastic surface) or even the side of an old vehicle (I did some basic bodywork on a Ford Econoline years ago, and used this technique to paint it)…

It’s easy, even if you have negative artistic talent…

  • find a paint that’s good for plastic and includes primer… I used Rustoleum 2X, a friend swears by Valspar
  • sand the barrel (or van, or whatever)
  • paint/primer (all comes in one can, do this outside, be sure which way the wind is blowing and hold your breath or use a real painting mask from the hardware store)…use your basic base color (mine was a forest green)
  • bring me a shrubbery; cut some branches, pampas grass (that tall plumey stuff), cattails, whatever
  • hold shrubbery against barrel, spray new color over it, you’ve created a shadow of itself (in your original color)
  • rinse, repeat…OK, kidding about the rinse… just keep holding up shrubbery and spraying different colors to create a neat camo effect
  • finish with a clear coat, Rustoleum makes them in gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte

watch my video for more detail, and google “paint a rain barrel” for other videos

I have a second video to show you how to paint some nifty dragonflies.


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