zen of swordwhale (or not…)

Lemme ‘splain something here…

There is not a lid for every pot.

In fact, I went to Wally World and got a blue bin, the big kind to put stuff in (Rubbermaid, Sterelite). Sign on shelf says “don’t forget the lid”, so I pulled a matching blue lid off the shelf above the bin and took it home.

It did not fit.

Image result for hei hei screaming images

The old saw “lid for every pot” (for all you whippersnappers out there) refers to finding your partner/mate/One True Love… blah blah blah…

Some pots are lidless.

Some eyes are lidless…

Image result for sauron

I digress…

Sometimes it’s better to have horses, dogs, duly registered domestic skunks, skinks, snakes or be the Crazy Cat Lady (as long as you can take care of all of them).

Sometimes a kayak is better than a canoe.

Sometimes being the hermit is better than picking up someone’s stinky socks.

Finally…FINALLY… Disney and the others are getting the message, and telling a new message to kids, especially girls…

Image result for Brave

Image result for Frozen

Image result for Moana

Image result for zootopia

Friends are good. Tribe, village, extended family, all good. The odd foxy partner, good.

Image result for Moana

And the odd demigod to travel with.


If you happen to find the lid, great.

If not, pot works perfectly well without it.



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